The Breathing Space Yoga Sutras Study Salon

YOGA SUTRAS STUDY SALON Chapter Three (Vibhuti Pada)

Start Saturday, April 15th, 2017


The Sutra Study Salon will meet for three Saturdays over two Months.

  • APRIL 15TH
  • MAY 6TH
  • MAY 27TH
Each Saturday Salon consists of two 3-hour classes-10:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30-5:30 pm, and a lunch break from 1:30 to 2:30.

You can join our band of Sutranistas, in person, at our lovely home/studio in Silverlake (highly recommended), participate live-online, or review the recorded sessions, at your convenience, throughout the month.


Every day, millions of people enjoy group Yoga Asana classes. This is a great place to start. To fully grasp the true purpose and experience the transformational power of Yoga, however, we must turn our attention to its heart and soul, the Sutras.

PATANJALI’S YOGA SUTRAS is the definitive guidebook for YOGA, a complete system of Spiritual Psychology. For thousands of years, this vast collection of timeless wisdom teachings has been used to enhance and illuminate every aspect of human existence.

The Breathing Space YOGA SUTRA STUDY SALON presents the Sutras’ Universal Principles and timeless teachings in modern, straightforward language.

More importantly, we offer Yoga’s practical applications for improving our relationships and transforming our lives. Exploring the Sutras with a qualified teacher (with whom you resonate) is an enriching experience for any serious student and an essential requirement for any authentic teacher of Yoga.


Traditionally taught to advanced practitioners, The Third Chapter was meant for students possessing the clear vision gained by practicing and reflecting on the the teachings in the previous chapters.

In Chapter Two, we learned that our problems are the result of misperception. Lack of clarity leads to inappropriate responses and ongoing discomfort for ourselves and others. The antidote to suffering, according to the Sutras, is consistent practice of Yoga’s Eight Limbs.

This holistic model outlines a clear path for creating a rich, satisfying life shaped by our deepest wisdom. Finally, chapter two states sensory control is a prerequisite for the practice of Yoga’s most powerful tool, MEDITATION.

Chapter Three explains the entire process of Yoga Meditation and the extraordinary potential for a mind free from distraction. Many of the Sutras in this chapter describe the remarkable knowledge, powers and skills that can be acquired through sustained focus on a chosen object.

Patanjali also warns that these special gifts, or ‘siddhis’ can, ultimately, be a distraction from further progress in Yoga. This observation, that ‘power corrupts’, has echoed throughout the ages and is still being trumpeted in the present day.

Often compared to a multi-faceted jewel, The Yoga Sutras offers deeper insights and new revelations with each revisiting.


$300 first time students (of Chapter Three)
$200 repeating students (of Chapter Three)
We accept Venmo, Check or Cash.
No Refunds
Course qualifies for Yoga Alliance CEU’s
For more information or to register, contact Robert Birnberg
(323) 712-1500
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