Yoga Sutra Study Salon 2

YOGA SUTRAS STUDY SALON Chapter Two-Samadhi Pada

Sunday, Feb. 18th
Sunday, March 11th
Sunday, April 15th

Meets:   9:30am-1pm
Student’s may participate in person (highly recommended),
live online, and/or access the recordings of each Session at their convenience throughout the month.

The Cost

$350 for First-time, Chapter Two students 
$200 for returning students wishing to dive deeper into Chapter Two Cash, Check or Venmo, No Refunds

For more info or to register, contact:
(323) 712-1500


Is a complete, wisdom-based system for ongoing personal refinement, improvement and transformation. Both practical and profound, Yoga seamlessly blends elements of Psychology, Philosophy, Physics and Spirituality. When properly understood, this holistic system and it’s underlying cosmology, Samkhya, reveal the fundamental relationships between consciousness, spirit, perception, matter and mind.


The Yoga Sutras are widely regarded as the definitive text on YOGA.
Though compiled over 2,300 years ago, the Sutras’ rich, multi-layered teachings are reflected and restated in such contemporary fields as Quantum Physics, Positive Psychology, and Epigenetics.

They explore topics and issues ranging from the nature of reality to the causes and cures for all human suffering.

‘A familiarity with the Yoga Sutrasis deeply enriching for any student of life and essential for all authentic teachers of Yoga.’

The Benefits

For centuries, contemplation of the principles and dedicated practice of tools presented in the Sutras have proven to create increased confidence and clarity in the student.

Ongoing, consistent practice of the complete range of Yoga’s transformative techniques replaces our learned patterns of perception and self-limiting beliefs, thereby enabling us to consciously envision, create and savor the lives of our dreams.

The Second Chapter

The teachings in Chapter two are truly the most practical, the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Yoga.  Here, Patanjali reveals the true causes of our suffering and the specific steps we can take to reduce them. We will discuss how regular practice of the Eight Limbs allows us to release past conditioning and create more joyful, refined and flexible versions of ourselves.

The Salon

Each Sunday, we will meet in our cozy, home/wellness center and discuss the many layers of meaning of key sutras their practical applications. The focus will be on function over form, dialogue over dogma, personal experience over theory. 

This safe, stimulating atmosphere encourages reflection, lively discussion, and a deeper understanding of both the Sutras and our own lives.  Oh, and did I mention the tantalizing Ayurvedic refreshments, courtesy of renowned Ayurvedist, Eleni Tsikrikas.

The Teacher

Robert Birnberg has been a student of the Yoga Sutras for over four decades, He has studied the Sutras, as well as the entire scope of Yoga theory and practice with renowned teacher, TKV Desikacharand senior students in the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya for over 25 years. He has interned at the KYM, a world-renowned center for Yoga education and therapy. In 2006, he was certified by the late TKV Desikachar to train Yoga teachers.

Robert currently teaches private, therapeutic Yoga, presents ongoing Yoga Sutras Study Courses, and trains Yoga teachers and therapists in the U.S. and abroad. He has been on the faculty of Loyola Marymount’s Yoga Therapy Program since its inception. Having observed the parallels between the teachings in the Yoga Sutras and the burgeoning field of Positive Psychology, he became a certified Positive Psychology Coach.

He has just co-written a book, ‘Why Yoga Works, and How It Can Work For You’a comprehensive text on the theory and practice of Yoga, which will be published in June of 2018


(323) 712-1500

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