The Breathing Space
Starting January 2017

In the past century, Professor T. Krishnamacharya, father of modern Yoga, incorporated elements of Yoga, Gymnastics, Vedic Chanting and Ayurveda to create a comprehensive wellness system.

In keeping with the spirit of this innovative healer, the Breathing Space Yoga Wellness Coaching Course integrates the most effective tools and interventions from Yoga, Positive Psychology, Energy Psychology and Coaching. Together, these holistic, evidence-supported systems offer a powerful array of techniques for achieving freedom from the past, increased wellness, passion and purpose in the present, and a vivid vision of our brightest possible future.

Course participants will gain the wisdom and support to create valuable transformations in their own lives and the confidence, guidance and skills to help others achieve optimal well-being.

The Yoga Wellness Coaching Course consists of 4 INTENSIVE MODULES presented over 8 weekends from
January 2017- July 2017. This comprehensive program includes: in-depth theme presentations, experiential practices, supervised coaching sessions, case studies, group support and individual mentoring/coaching.

Yoga Wellness Coaching is designed as a complete, in-person course.
Individuals may be eligible to choose specific modules on a case-by-case basis.

The Modules

  1. Inspired Movement: Breath-centered Asana and Intelligent Course Planning (as taught by T Krishnamacharya)
  2. Activating Subtle Energies: Pranayama (Conscious Breathing) and Faster EFT (Meridian Tapping)
  3. Positive Psychology Coaching: Applying the Science of Well-Being
  4. Creating Connections: Visualization (Bhavana), Meditation and Relationship Coaching

Interested? Call now and schedule a meeting to help determine whether you, the course and I are a good fit. To support an intimate, deeply transformational learning environment, classes will be limited in size.

In the Past

Many healing systems accepted the medical/disease model as their central paradigm. This mechanistic view tended to reduce complex human beings to a collection of symptoms, labels and diseases. Responsibility for the cure lay in the hands of heroic ‘experts’ trained to ask ‘What’s going wrong?, What are the past causes?’ and ‘Who’s to blame?’. Consequently, many disempowered ‘patients’ ended up focusing on their symptoms, identifying with their labels and becoming their diseases. Results from the limited range of tools (surgery, pharmaceuticals, etc.) were frequently superficial, temporary and/or accompanied by unwanted side-effects.


The Yoga Wellness Coaching paradigm is solution-focused, empowering, and relational. We view each individual as uniquely resilient and abundantly resourceful. Ample evidence has shown that with the proper tools and support, anyone can be free from past problems, have wellness, passion and purpose in the present, and co-create a rich, lovable future for themselves and others. No ‘heroic expert’, the Yoga Wellness Coach is a confident collaborator, trained to ask questions such as, ‘What’s going well?, What do you have control over?, What are your most meaningful goals?, and How can you use your present challenges to create a better future?’ By enthusiastically participating in the course, you will learn to recognize character strengths, teach essential life-skills and design individualized practices for clarifying values, improving relationships and living extraordinary lives.

Course Outline

Module 1
Inspired Movement: Breath-Centered Asana and Course Planning (as taught by T. Krishnamacharya)

When perceived and practiced correctly, breath-centered movement is an essential component in Yoga’s quest for more sustained joy and physical well-being. Of all Yoga’s myriad of tools, however, Asana is the most overemphasized, misunderstood and misused.

The Facts:

1.Yoga is, by definition, a healing art. Ironically, every year, thousands of people experience real physical and psychological abuse performing mis-taught, inappropriate, poorly sequenced postures.
2. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Yoga’s foundation text, contains 3 sutras on asana, as compared to 5 on breathing, 6 on bhavana, 11 on relationships majority of the remaining 170 on the nature of reality, meditation and the mind
3. As only one of Yoga’s vast collection of tools for transformation, asana alone was never intended to, nor is capable of creating a happier, more fulfilling, more meaningful life.
4. Asana, according to letter and spirit of the Yoga Sutras:

  • focuses on personal experience and function over form
  • is skillfully adapted to each individual’s age, strength, constitution and capability
  • emphasizes synchronous breathing, internal focus and intention over alignment and shape
  • sees the human being as conscious and energetic rather than an anatomical and mechanical

The Module

In this module, we will explore Asana’s true potential and most efficacious applications. We will learn to:

  • understand breath and movement in the context of the classical, energetic models
  • choose, adapt and modify postures based on the individual’s needs, limitations and goals
  • design elegant vinyasas and sequences to create the desired energetic effects
  • intelligently plan courses over time to achieve long-term aims.
  • integrate breath and movement into a complete, multi-dimensional wellness practice

Module 2
Activating the Subtle Energies: Pranayama and Faster EFT (Meridian Tapping)


Conscious breathing is a sublime Yogic tool for re-integrating our bodies and minds. Regular practice activates our life force, promoting optimal physiological functioning. At a more subtle level, pranayama can help create greater mental clarity and elevate the emotions to a brighter, more optimistic state. At the deepest level, conscious breathing allows us to go beyond the mind and experience our essence, the profound intelligence that ‘does the breathing.’

Faster EFT (Meridian Tapping)

Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation), or Meridian Tapping, is Energy Psychology’s most effective tool for creating positive physiological, mental and emotional shifts. This evidence-supported technique combines paradoxical affirmations with repeated pressure (tapping) on traditional acupuncture points. Faster EFT has consistently demonstrated its ability to affect the human energy system. It has been shown to create dramatic, lasting, positive change across a broad spectrum, including PTSD, phobias, depression, anxiety, weight loss, cravings, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions as well as improved performance in sports, career, and educational pursuits.

  • boosting the immune system
  • experiencing abundant vitality
  • reducing depression and anxiety
  • stabilizing an agitated mind
  • creating more confidence and joy
  • reducing stress and discomfort
  • transforming past trauma
  • eliminating cravings
  • improving performance
  • preparing the mind for meditation
  • generating positive emotions
  • deepening a spiritual connection

Module 3
Positive Psychology Coaching: Applying the Science of Well-Being

Simply put, Positive Psychology is the study of what makes life worth living. This budding science of human flourishing focuses more on wellness than disease, emphasizing what is right, rather than what is wrong with people. Gold standard studies have proven that happier people have stronger immune systems, get sick less often, heal quicker, live longer, have more satisfying relationships, have higher incomes, experience increased physical and emotional resilience, exhibit more creativity and possess greater problem-solving abilities.

Coaching is a powerful treatment modality for helping individuals tap into and actualize their deepest vision of who they are. A coach acts as a facilitator for a client’s full flowering as a person—a ‘gardener of the spirit.’ Though coaching is not therapy, they require common skills, such as: active listening, reframing and empathy. While both coaching and therapy are invaluable in making major life changes, coaching liberates therapy from its pathology-based underpinnings and focuses exclusively on human strengths, positive passions and nurturing untapped possibilities.

In this module, we will learn to apply Positive Psychology Interventions in a Coaching setting. We will learn to use proven methods for:

  • creating optimal well-being
  • generating positive emotions
  • establishing healthy, achievable goals
  • infusing life with meaning and purpose
  • cultivating increased optimism
  • increasing the amount of ‘flow’ in daily life
  • transforming the past with positive reminiscence
  • replacing PTSD with Post Traumatic Growth
  • effectively utilizing ‘negative’ emotions

Module 4
Making Connections: Visualization (bhavana), Meditation and Relationship Coaching

Meditation and Visualization (bhavana) are powerful Yogic tools for focusing the mind, clarifying values, promoting optimism, and manifesting our hearts desires. Meditation is the process of developing a mind which can more easily choose, focus and sustain attention over time. Bhavana, though often presented (mostly, by me) as important lifeskill and essential meditative tool, is simply our innate human ability to clearly envision our best possible future and bring it into existence. In this module, will learn to recognize, refine and consciously utilize this ability to improve all our existing relationships and create extraordinary new ones.

Relationships are the source of life’s greatest joys and deepest sorrows, the true mirrors in which we learn about ourselves. Clearly, our happiness hinges on the ability to link with others and experience rich, satisfying relationships in which we get what we need and give what we choose. This module offers the Relationship Coaching tools, skills, and practices needed to cultivate this ability in ourselves and others.

In this Module, we will examine:

  • the Yoga Sutras’ teachings on meditation, visualization and values
  • the power of bhavana to create the relationships of our dreams
  • the importance of praise and apologizing and the most effective way to express them
  • the art of making requests and their role in the science of self-care
  • the life-skills needed to clarify our values and create more satisfying relationships


  • The Course consists of four modules presented over eight weekends from January to June,  2017
  • We will record each weekend to accommodate schedule conflicts and for review.
  • In keeping with the individualized learning paradigm, students are encouraged to schedule regular 90 minute private Yoga coaching sessions (at the special Course rate of $75)


The Yoga Wellness Coaching Course will meet over Eight Weekends, Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 10:30am and ending at 6:30pm on both days.  There will be plenty of short breaks and a 90-minute lunch each day.

The Dates for the Weekend meetings are as follows:

January 14th, 15th
February 4th, 5th
March   4th, 5th
April 1st, 2nd
May 6th, 7th
June   3rd, 4th
July 1st, 2nd
July. 29th,  30th

If you need to miss a weekend (two max) we will use recordings of the weekend, meetings with fellow students, and private session (s) with Robert to assure you absorb all the teachings in this rich course.

The cost for the Yoga Wellness Coaching Course is $2,400, payable monthly.  We will accept cash, check or Venmo.

For more information, or to see if you, the course and myself are a good fit, please call:
(323) 712-1500

The four modules will be presented over eight weekends (one per month), from January 2017 to July  2017
Each Module is taught on the same day and same time each weekend.

Month Class Dates
Oct Oct. 8th-9th
Nov Nov. 12-13th
Jan Jan. 14-15th
Feb Feb. 18-19th
March March 18-19th
April April 22nd-23rd
May May 27th-28th
Module Meeting Day/ Time
Breath-Centered Asana /Sequencing Saturday 10am – 1:30pm
Pranayama /Faster EFT Saturday 3pm – 6:30pm
Positive Psychology/Coaching Sunday 9:30am – 10:00am
Visualization /Relationship Coaching Sunday 2:30pm – 6:00pm
Lunch Sat. 1:30-3pm Sun.1-2:30pm


“Robert Birnberg’s Yoga Wellness Coaching Program was an in-depth course to expand our tool box as a Yoga teacher/coach. The curriculum was important and current deeply rooted in the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra as translated in the Desikachar/Krishnamacharya Yoga lineage. The teaching approach was enlightening and steeped in the action of the participant’s self reflection exercises. Every participant experienced the teachings through personal transformation occurring in their lives during the course. We learned about the tools of Yoga from gross (asana) to subtle( subconscious) and their appropriate application to be an effective coach. Robert is a master teacher who integrates wisdom teachings into daily living.”

– Monica A.

When I began studying with Robert back in 2012, I was looking for the best-fit yoga teacher training. Over the months & years of studies that have followed, I slowly realized that THIS was the WISDOM I had been looking for, all my life. Breath-centered asana, lifestyle & relationship guidelines, choosing my focus, and sustaining that focus, cultivating my inner strengths & finding new self-empowerment where once I found inadequacies – these are all facets of Krishnamacharya’s wisdom that Robert brings to us, here, where we live. In addition to the tools of Yoga, the Yoga Wellness Coaching Course integrates Positive Psychology, Life & Relationship Coaching, Faster EFT and more. There is continually more that I can learn from Robert. The toolbox keeps getting bigger and bigger. And, the changes for the better, in my life and in the lives of those around me, keep growing easier, richer, broader, deeper. I am eternally grateful for the path, the WHOLE path that led me to these teachings.

– Lou S.

As a result of The Yoga Wellness Coaching Program I have refined my focus and become a better equipped teacher with many additional tools to pass on to my students, gained an amazing teacher and have a better understanding of Yoga and of myself. The course provided me with countless insights and techniques to pass on to my students for expanding their flexibility and improving their lives in profound ways.
Not only was the training mind-expanding and opened door to learning, but I met some really great people and made connections that I hope will continue to grow. I am grateful for each of the Yogis that took the training with me. This group of wonderful people, carefully selected by Robert, has touched my life in so many positive ways. I am so blessed to have gained Robert as my Yoga Teacher! Thanks for seeing something in me that was so much bigger and better than I could have dreamed.
With love and gratitude,

– Amber D.

The Yoga Wellness Coaching Course is truly a transformative course! The tools you learn you will use in everyday life. Your relationships will change for the better, you will get a deeper understanding of Yoga and a deeper understanding of yourself. This a must for any Yoga teacher. The material is presented in a fun and comfortable environment that encourages interaction. Robert is very skillful at delivering the information in a clear way using humor and personal insight. There is no other course out there like this one.

– Joy D.

Robert’s Yoga Wellness Coaching Course provides you with a tool box of techniques that will help empower and support increased wellness in your life. I had many mini-breakthroughs throughout the course and have helped heal up some past issues that were holding be back from a bright future. I’ve come out of with a strong sense of hope about my future goals and dreams. I feel stronger and more confident after taking this course. I’m so excited to continue my training and share what I have learned with others. Robert has assisted with the many transformations in a safe and supportive space. I’m so grateful to be part of such an amazing course and a group of like-minded individuals.

Thanks again!– Christine C.